The Quack Commandos Road Show is presented by the Scottish Sheepdog School based at Kinlochard in The Trossachs.
This hilarious road show demonstrates the skill and speed of the Border Collie in action with a flock of Indian Runner ducks.

The sheepdogs guide the ducks round a course of obstacles named after famous Scottish football teams,
e.g. The Celtic Bridge, The Rangers Death-Slide –featuring a pool of starving Scottish fresh-water crocodiles,
the Partick Thistle Tunnel-of-Love, as well as the Magic Box and the Olympic Slalom Course.

After putting the ducks round the course, our shepherds then invite teams of six members of the public
onto the course to see if they can move the ducks as efficiently as the sheepdogs!
The complete show lasts for approx 40 minutes and can be repeated.
Children have the opportunity of meeting both dogs and ducks at the end of the show.